Essex & Herts Air Ambulance (EHAAT) wanted to have more efficient board meetings and make the most of today's technology to improve sustainability. Trustees, board members, and senior management teams needed a secure system that was accessible on the go and which helped facilitate remote meetings.

Convene's digital meeting platform and app turned out to be the perfect solution. Easy to learn, with cross compatibility across devices and platforms, meeting attendees were able to start annotating board packs quickly.

Meeting administrators no longer have to deal with rearranging entire packs when an update or late paper arrives. With Convene they simple have to drag-and-drop the new file in place and the next time a meeting attendee logs in, they will automatically have the latest version.

Azeus Convene has a history of working with non-profits and charities, from Comic Relief to WWF, and we do have a special pricing for such organisations. 


Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust (EHAAT) is a Charity Air Ambulance service providing a free, life-saving Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) for the critically ill and injured of Essex, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. It is not funded by the NHS – only by charitable donations.

The charity aims to save lives, reduce or prevent disability or suffering from critical illness and injury, by delivering a first class pre-hospital emergency medical service.

Since fundraising began in 1997, Essex & Herts Air Ambulance has flown over 20,000 missions being deployed, on average, four to five times per day. The helicopters and Rapid Response Vehicles (RRVs) are based at Earls Colne Airfield and North Weald Airfield.

Lavaniya Das

Written by Lavaniya Das

Lavaniya Das is the Head of UK and EU Content at Azeus Convene UK.

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