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How To Celebrate Halloween at Work

By Lucy Palmer on 15/10/21 17:27

Summer is over and it’s time to start thinking about bonfires, pumpkin soup, and of course, Halloween. While Halloween used to be one night, it’s quickly turning into a whole season of celebration. Make the most of this period by embracing the spirit in your workplace.

Halloween is on a Sunday this year which means many of us will be spending it with our friends and family. However, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy spooky season with your colleagues. It can be a great way to promote team bonding and a sense of community within the organisation.

Before you plan anything, make sure it will not get in the way of work itself. Any festivities should be respectful of other people’s workspace and environment. After all, Halloween isn’t a national holiday yet and you still have to ensure you’re meeting your deadlines.

We’ve put together five ideas for celebrations that will not disrupt your day:

  1. Decorate Your Workspace

First of all, get everyone involved in decorating their office space. Whether you’re working from home or back in the office, you can find a simple way to spice up your environment. 

Perhaps you could introduce miniature spiders or plastic candles. If you’re particularly crafty, you might want to test out your DIY skills and make the decorations yourself. This will be sure to impress everyone around you!

When you’ve finished, encourage everyone to share their set-up with the group. This won’t take long, but it can be great team-building as everyone bonds over what they have created. 

You can even take some photographs for social media to show how your team have come together to celebrate.

  1. Play Spooky Music

Even if you can’t play music out loud in the office, you can create your own spooky soundtrack. Mix and match any songs that make sense in a spooky context. Of course, make sure to include the classics like Monster Mash and Thriller. They are popular for a reason!

If you’d prefer less on-the-nose hits, take a look over your own playlists. You’d be surprised how many songs fit the theme. Whether they are talking about the mad house, zombies or the Highway to Hell - there are plenty of tunes with a menacing energy. 

Otherwise, you can always take advantage of the playlists on music streaming services. This might include other people’s ideas or horror movie soundtracks. The most important thing is to not take it too seriously: music is one of the simplest things you can do to totally change your mindset.

  1. Share Sweet Treats

Halloween is a great excuse to indulge in your favourite sweet treats. Almost every chocolate, cake, cookie and candy can be made to fit the theme. Strawberry sauce is always a worthwhile investment at this time! In a couple of seconds, you can transform your snacks into festive treats.

Obviously, the pandemic makes it a little difficult to share sweets in the office. Be mindful of health concerns and don’t take unnecessary risks. This doesn’t mean you can’t get everyone into the fun. 

If you are concerned about safety, you could bring in treats that are already pre-packaged in individual packets!

  1. Customise Your Software

Many internet browsers have the option to change the colour of your profile (for example, Google Chrome offers an orange tint). While these aren’t specifically for Halloween, they can help you to get in the mood. Many also offer a ‘dark mode’ which can help create a sense of atmosphere.

Alternatively, you might want to alter your meeting background. With software like Microsoft Teams, you can update your background to a custom image. Make sure your background is not too distracting! Perhaps you could make one with your company logo in orange and black.

Alternatively, you could try the backgrounds from some famous horror movies to see if anyone notices. You could try the corridor from The Shining or the kitchen from Paranormal Activity. The great thing about this is that there’s such a range to choose from: from instantly recognisable to incredibly obscure.

  1. Dress Up

Halloween is all about dressing up! You might not be able to get away with a full wolfman outfit but you can still have fun. Maybe encourage the team to wear Halloween colours or accessories. 

If you wear a face-mask at work, you could pick a darker shade than usual. Get creative by introducing subtle signs of the season like spiders, bats and black cats.

Whatever you do for Halloween, remember it is about the spirit rather than the extravagant gestures. It should be a chance to spread joy and not more stress.

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Lucy Palmer

Written by Lucy Palmer

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