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How To Build The Perfect Agenda

By Lucy Palmer on 14/01/22 20:35

An effective meeting agenda is at the heart of any meeting. To achieve the best collaboration, a Board needs to know where they are going. There’s no point turning up on the day of a meeting and hoping for the best! 

3 min read

The Difference Between Public Companies and Private Companies

By Lucy Palmer on 10/12/21 09:34

Every company in the world falls into one of two categories: public or private. From Disney to your local pizza restaurant, all companies have to choose between these options. They are both distinct legal entities but are governed by different rules.

2 min read

Happy Holidays from Convene!

By Lucy Palmer on 10/12/21 08:24

It’s hard to believe 2021 is nearly over! One of our first articles this year was about racing through the pandemic - and that certainly turned out to be the case. This year has whizzed by!

4 min read

How To Maintain Good Governance Over The Holidays

By Lucy Palmer on 10/12/21 08:23

The holidays are a time to spread joy. Unfortunately, when you are working in business, they can also come with stress.

4 min read

5 Ways To Celebrate The Festive Season In The Office

By Lucy Palmer on 09/12/21 19:37

December is here and that means it’s time to get festive! Hopefully you won’t be working on Christmas Day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the season.

5 min read

The Future of Higher Education Boards

By Lucy Palmer on 22/11/21 10:07

Covid-19 has had a transformative effect on every industry in the world but this impact has not been evenly distributed. Every sector operates in a different way, and so the challenges created by the pandemic are unique.

3 min read

What Is The Role Of A Governance Manager?

By Lucy Palmer on 22/11/21 10:07

For many companies, a Governance Manager is a useful role when it comes to maintaining compliance. Although it is not essential, the responsibilities of the Governance Manager must be fulfilled by someone in the organisation.

4 min read

What Is The Role of The Head of Corporate Services?

By Lucy Palmer on 22/11/21 10:07

For many organisations, the Head of Corporate Services is at the centre of effective project delivery. The role is not essential but it does carry a high level of responsibility. 

5 min read

What Is The Role of the Company Secretary?

By Lucy Palmer on 15/11/21 10:49

Every company has to maintain governance standards. All public companies in the UK must have a Company Secretary who is responsible for this role. For private companies, it is not a legal requirement to have one, but many still do.

3 min read

Tips For An Effective Audit Trail

By Lucy Palmer on 15/11/21 10:39

Audit trails are essential to running a successful organisation. They help you keep on track of security, administration, governance and compliance. If anything goes wrong, the audit trail is the first place you should look to find answers.

3 min read

Why Have A Document Library?

By Lucy Palmer on 04/11/21 11:09

A Document Library is a place to store files so your whole team can access them. The secure, accessible system will allow you to add, edit and delete files in an instant. During a meeting, this can include information and reference materials that make collaboration easier.

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5 min read

The Challenges of Hybrid Meetings

By Lucy Palmer on 04/11/21 11:04

A hybrid meeting allows some participants to be present in the room while others attend remotely. 

4 min read

A Guide To Board Governance Models

By Lucy Palmer on 04/11/21 10:55

A governance model is the structure which allows Boards to make decisions. It facilitates passing resolutions in an effective, organised manner.

4 min read

The Role of the CSO in Delivering ESG Programmes

By Lucy Palmer on 04/11/21 10:53

A Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) is the executive responsible for environmental, social and governance concerns. As sustainability becomes an increasingly central aspect of business, the number of CSOs has risen. Shareholders and stakeholders alike expect companies to show they are taking action to ensure the company’s long-term viability.

3 min read

Project Governance and Project Management

By Lucy Palmer on 04/11/21 10:52

Project governance and project management are often confused but they are very different. Governance is the structure that allows for a successful project while management is about the day-to-day decision-making.

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