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In che modo le università del Regno Unito beneficiano di un portale del consiglio di amministrazione?

By Lucy Palmer on 14/07/23 16:50

Il ruolo delle università nella condivisione della conoscenza è essenziale mentre il mondo lavora per un futuro migliore. A Convene, riconosciamo l'importanza della comunicazione e della collaborazione. Ecco perché siamo così orgogliosi di quante istituzioni accademiche hanno scelto di adottare il nostro software.

Topics: università
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Convene At The 2022 National Smaller Housing Associations’ Conference

By Lucy Palmer on 06/12/22 17:00

On 6 December 2022, Convene sponsored and participated in the NHF’s National Smaller Housing Associations’ Conference and Exhibition. Having attended the conference last year and had a valuable time, we were excited to once again dive into the world of smaller Housing Associations.

Topics: ESG SRS for Social Housing Housing
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What Is The GRI and How Should Organisations Use It For ESG Reporting

By Lucy Palmer on 01/12/22 12:19

Organisations are increasingly looking for clear standards by which to assess their ESG performance. The GRI, or Global Reporting Initiative, was established to make sustainability reporting easier by creating a clear framework to follow.

Topics: Sustainability ESG
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What Is Transfer Pricing?

By Lucy Palmer on 24/11/22 15:57

Transfer price, also known as transfer cost, occurs when related entities transact and exchange profits. This may be between divisions of one company or between a company and its subsidiaries.

Topics: Business Insights
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What Are The Five Steps of a Risk Assessment?

By Lucy Palmer on 22/11/22 11:32

In June 2016, Gillian Leivers at Greenfeeds Limited was jailed for 13 years for gross negligence manslaughter and a health and safety offence following the deaths of two workers. 

Topics: Governance
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How To Improve Building Sustainability

By Lucy Palmer on 16/11/22 11:01

There are numerous reasons you may want to develop more sustainable buildings. In the long term, creating carbon neutral homes should benefit your organisation as well as your tenants.

Topics: Sustainability ESG SRS for Social Housing Housing
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Why Retail Companies Choose Convene

By Lucy Palmer on 15/11/22 10:55

Retail companies are an essential part of our everyday lives, and so they must be prepared to handle a constantly shifting economy. Here at Convene, we recognise the importance of the retail sector in serving customers around the world. That’s why we’re so proud of how many retailers have chosen to adopt our software.

Topics: Switching Board Portal Board Portal Features Customer Quote Why Convene?
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Why Hold A Virtual AGM in 2023

By Lucy Palmer on 17/10/22 15:40

AGM season is fast approaching and it’s crucial that your organisation is prepared. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many to reassess the necessity of in-person meetings and encouraged a switch to hybrid working environments.

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Australian Housing Associations Replicate Sustainability Reporting Standard

By Lucy Palmer on 10/10/22 17:11

Housing Associations in Australia have developed their own version of the Sustainability Reporting Standard for Social Housing (SRS). The reworking of the UK standard establishes guidelines for dealing with ESG concerns in Australia.

Topics: Sustainability SRS for Social Housing
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Convene at the CGI Guernsey Conference 2022

By Lucy Palmer on 29/09/22 16:09

On September 29th 2022, we headed over to Guernsey to discuss all things governance with CGI Guernsey. Having attended a few great CGI conferences this year, we couldn’t wait to learn more about compliance on the island.

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A Guide To Board Governance Training

By Lucy Palmer on 28/09/22 10:00

As you know, good governance is essential to running any Board. It’s not only a great way of giving your organisation the upper hand in business, but in certain cases it is the law.

Topics: Executive Committee Business Insights
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What Is The Role of the CMO?

By Lucy Palmer on 22/09/22 09:00

No matter how great your company is, it’s worth nothing if you can’t communicate this to potential customers. From KFC to KPMG, every successful organisation needs a successful marketing strategy.

Topics: Governance Executive Committee Business Insights
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Convene At The NHF National Housing Summit 2022

By Lucy Palmer on 13/09/22 17:34

This week, Convene were delighted to attend the NHF’s National Housing Summit. We’ve attended a number of the NHF’s conferences in 2022 and were delighted to have another chance to connect with housing professionals from around the country. This year, the event was held at the ICC in Birmingham.

Topics: Convene in Teams ESG SRS for Social Housing Housing
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What Is The Role of the CIO?

By Lucy Palmer on 13/09/22 12:15

A strong software infrastructure is essential to running a modern organisation. You need to feel confident the technology you use is having a positive impact on your processes: from compliance requirements to efficiency.

Topics: Governance Executive Committee Business Insights
6 min read

What Is The Role of the C-Suite?

By Lucy Palmer on 05/09/22 10:27

Every successful organisation in the world needs a strong leadership team. The C-Suite is at the centre of this structure. A great C-Suite will allow an organisation to thrive and achieve their long-term aims. But what exactly does this term mean?

Topics: Executive Committee Business Insights

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