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How To Have Good Governance In 2022

By Gabriella Mangham on 04/01/22 09:08

The past few years have caused many shifts in the way we operate. As we begin this new year it is important to start adapting to these changes and look towards the future. 

The Covid-19 Pandemic and its subsequent variants have meant that office work has switched to a hybrid or remote model. A trend that looks set to continue for the near future, as we likely come in and out of lockdowns. 

There has also been an increased focus on the environmental impact we have as individuals as well as organisations. Consumers are beginning to shift their priorities to reusable products and there is a growing movement against over-consumerism. 

There is also an emphasis now more than ever on the social impact and values an organisation stands for. This means ESG and Board diversity is critically important for success

With all of this in mind we have put together some top tips for good governance in 2022:


1) Switch To The Hybrid Model:

If you haven’t already done so or realised, the hybrid model is the future! The switch can be made easier if you have suitable technology already in place.

The hybrid model is not only the most convenient, given the uncertainty of working conditions that comes with being in a pandemic, but also economical and environmentally friendly. 

You can rent a smaller working space, as you are likely to have smaller teams come in rather than the whole organisation at once. This means that you are using less energy and producing less waste.

This is particularly the case in the summer months, as working from home during the summer has been proven to reduce everyone’s carbon footprint. Most homes in the UK have adequate sunlight and insulation meaning that there are less emissions produced than lighting and heating large office buildings. 


2) Invest In Hybrid Meeting Solutions: 


As a leading Board Portal provider, we are experts in the Hybrid Meeting model. The technology you purchase makes the biggest difference in how smooth a hybrid meeting runs. 

One of the biggest challenges can be the equality of voices during hybrid meetings. You want technology that will streamline your processes and ensure that regardless of whether they are present in-person or online, all voices will be given the same weight. 

The most important thing you should consider when selecting software to ease your transition is security. The compliance regulations are always changing and there are likely to be updates in the coming years as technology continues to develop. Consider going with a company with a proven track record and one that will grow with you. 


3) Compliance Standards: 

Doing your due diligence should always be at the top of your end of year checklist, so by now you should have already completed your internal audit for 2021. This should include reviewing financial reports as well as conducting skills audits

Any software you buy needs to be of the best quality and comply with industry security regulations. This means that any special category data or sensitive information that needs to comply with the GDPR needs to be as secure as possible. 

Beyond security, there are likely to be new regulations based on ESG and the environment in the coming years and it is better to be ahead of the curve than behind it. This is also economically sound, it is better to spend less over a long period of time rather than be left scrambling trying to make updates and find it in the budget.


4) Focus on ESG:

As mentioned, there is going to be even more of an emphasis on an organisation’s ESG policies than ever before. 

As we go through the great resignation period, you need to prioritise securing and retaining the best talent. The best way to showcase this is an ESG Score, which will demonstrate the environmental and social impact your organisation has. 

The best way to improve your company’s relationship with ESG is to make it a priority. An added bonus to this will be that your employee satisfaction will likely increase. If work feels fulfilling they are more likely to be more productive. 

It may be worth appointing a Chief Sustainability Officer to oversee ESG programmes. Your organisation structure may even need an overhaul to ensure that you keep up to date with the latest ESG trends. 


5) Increase Your Senior Management and Board Diversity:

A lot has been said the past few years about Board diversity. In fact, many industries, including the housing sector, have made it a pressing priority. 

Having a variety of life experiences, opinions and backgrounds on your management team has been proven to mean better strategic planning. If you have all had the same life, then you will all have the same ideas. 

However, this means everyone needs to have access. In the digital era, this can become increasingly difficult, especially for those with disabilities, visual impairments or those who are hard of hearing. You need to invest in software for the modern era that has access for all. 

How Can Convene Help You With Good Governance In 2022?

Convene is an award-winning Board Portal that will streamline all your meeting processes. We also now offer Convene in Teams to promote good governance organisation-wide in this new hybrid and remote working era.

Both products boast the best security available on the market so you can be sure that you are complying with any and all regulations. We are so secure, we could work with NASA! 

We also can help you achieve your ESG targets, as a paperless software solution, we can help you achieve the same targets. We also give back to our community, sponsoring a local veloclub

We believe in access for all, we are the leading accessible board portal with both text-to-speech and transcribing capabilities amongst our accessibility features. 

If you would like to learn more about our features, and how we can help you improve your governance please don’t hesitate to contact us or book a demo today!

Gabriella Mangham

Written by Gabriella Mangham

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