There is always room for improvement. No matter how eco-friendly your organisation is, it could always be more sustainable. Technology is the gateway to any and all developments in this field. 

This all began with the industrial revolution which undeniably brought about many changes for the better: women in the workplace, universal adult franchise and electricity amongst many others. Despite all the good, there were also changes for the worse.

The industrial revolution triggered the start of man-made climate change. Factories, transportation and houses have pumped out harmful gases for over a century. Reports have shown that countries who have had or are having industrial revolutions are the biggest pollutants. Every industry needs to play its part before it is too late.

By now you will know the basics of how to make your organisation greener but we have some tips that you might not have thought about:


  1. Invest In Cloud Software

Cloud software is more sustainable than their on-site counterparts. It’s like getting the bus compared to driving yourself to work. Despite a bus emitting more energy than a car, those on the bus are sharing the emissions whereas the person driving the car carries the weight of the carbon footprint alone. It is all about sharing the load.

Furthermore, many cloud-hosting servers are using sustainable energy sources to power their sites. If they are not already carbon neutral, all the most well known options are committed to renewable before 2030. 

Cloud software also ensures that you can introduce hybrid working smartly, simply and securely. This is particularly beneficial considering the unprecedented times we currently find ourselves in. You never know when you will have to return to working from home, and with the challenges facing the future of governance it is best to be prepared!


  1. Work From Home During The Summer

The pandemic has proved that workers are more productive when remote working but another statistic it has given us is that it's more eco-friendly to work from home depending on the season. 

During the summer, most houses rely on natural light and are well ventilated compared to an office which will use air conditioning, heating and overhead lighting to ensure optimal working conditions. This can mean dramatic savings in energy and gas across the board. Also, working from home dramatically reduces the carbon footprint emitted by your employees travelling into work. 

However, the evidence also shows that having your employees come into the office during the winter is better for the environment. This is for the same reason as it is more energy friendly to host your data in cloud-technology. The resources have to be used, so it is better to share them than place them on the heads of each individual.

That being said, with the Coronavirus pandemic still ongoing and a spike in cases expected in the winter, it may be important to consider other ways you can be eco-friendly. Dependent on Covid-19 advice, you could implement hybrid working, where small teams form a bubble and come into the office on certain days. 

Whatever you decide, ensure that your employees feel comfortable. Conduct an anonymous poll to see what they would prefer. 


  1. Think About How Your Employees Get To Work

ESG has been a central issue for many organisations in recent years. Keeping your employees happy increases their investment in the company, which means less risk of talent loss and better productivity. One way you can do that is showing you care for your employees interests and well-being. 

Investing in a cycle-to-work scheme means that your carbon footprint will be smaller as there will be no emissions during your employees journeys to and from work. This can be in the form of subsidies, grants or interest-free loans for a bicycle. You could even purchase company bikes for your employees!

Another method could be subsidies for public transport, such as a discounted season ticket. Encourage people to take a train or a bus instead of driving to work. Again with the current global pandemic, not everyone may feel comfortable taking public transport, so be wary of this.

One other option could be a carpool scheme. Many of your employees may already live close together and you could offer subsidies for petrol! You would have to appoint an organiser and ensure that there was a fair rotation of drivers unless someone explicitly prefers to drive. A poll or a spreadsheet may be useful. Just ensure you are GDPR compliant!


  1. Buy Carbon Offsets:

There will always be areas which will be slow to go green. If you are in a shared office building, you can’t ensure the energy is produced using sustainable materials. If you have to travel for a business meeting, you may have to fly. So, consider using a carbon offsetting company who will plant trees so then you will become carbon neutral.

Carbon dioxide is the biggest threat to our climate and is responsible for global warming. We need to get it under control before it is too late. There’s no time like the present to invest in software and carbon offsetting. 


  1. Invest in Green:

You should only invest in companies that reflect your values, so do your due diligence before giving anyone your money. This may mean asking about their supply chains as well as how they choose to invest their money.

You should also make sure your pension fund invests in environmentally friendly companies. This will give your employees security for the future and it will also get you more business. The younger generation of investors are being more conscious with the values and, more importantly, actions of who they align themselves with. 

This may also mean investigating your own supply chain and the software you choose to invest in. You need to make sure you are putting your money where your mouth is. This may mean spending more money in the short term, but in the long-run it will pay off.


How Can Convene Help Your Organisation:

Convene is the green all-in-one board portal solution. From the beginning to the end of your meeting processes, we ensure that your needs are met with sustainability in mind. As a multi-platform software, your servers can be hosted, with the best security on the market, either on-site, in the cloud or now on Microsoft Teams

With our wide-range of features, your processes will be more eco-friendly. You will be able to eliminate all need for paper and waste. It will also easily be able to switch to hybrid working, if you choose!

If you would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us or book a demo!

Gabriella Mangham

Written by Gabriella Mangham

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