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New Conversations feature

By Gemma Walford on 21/11/16 12:45


I said it a bit too loud on my commute into work and half the carriage look round at me to see what it was I was looking at and then to wonder why I was talking to my ipad. What they were seeing was my first encounter with the ‘Conversations feature’ in the latest version of Convene. It is one of a number of updates that we have made to the system but much as I love the application it is probably the only one that would get me to shout out loud on the train.

So what is Conversations? It is a bit difficult to describe but it is a messaging system that allows you to exchange messages with either everyone who is viewing a document or just a selection of them. You can do this either in a meeting or in the document review room. Those of you who have used our system before will be familiar with the idea of adding a sticky note and Conversations allows you to exchange information between the group using a single sticky note. That works in a simple and smart way but Conversations actually extends this idea allows you to do this by highlighting text and adding a voice note. So you can be reviewing some text in a document and highlight the section you have a query on and leave a voice note - for either someone to take action on or respond to. No more having to type on screens whilst you are on the move but I do advise you to get a pair of headphones with a microphone to avoid all the stares!

If you are already a customer we will be getting in touch with you about your upgrade but if you can’t wait then contact your account manager who will be happy to give you a demo of the new features and discuss when to upgrade your site.

If you are not yet a customer then contact us for a demo and a trial of the software so you try it out for yourself.

Gemma Walford

Written by Gemma Walford

Customer Success and Senior Product Consultant at Azeus Convene Europe

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