Last week, Convene sponsored the Forum and heard how the role of Company Secretary needs to change to meet the challenges faced by 21st century boards.

As Neville Howe, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of NEST Corporation said; “there is a wind of change flowing through corporate organisations which is here to stay,” and having a paperless meetings solution helps create a visible culture of sustainability at the top level of your organisation.Thomson Rueters

Topics under discussion included technology’s interference in the business sector, and the impact of business on the environment.

The panel agreed it was vital for board members and Company Secretaries to stay ahead of the curve by breaking the traditional mould, acquiring new skills and interacting with new technologies.

Stakeholder pressure has increased the importance of Boards being well versed in sustainability, and for companies to be proactive and vocal in their efforts to halt environmental damage.

Convene's live meeting features encourage Boards to follow meetings on their devices rather than paper, by providing a better online experience with tools to allow presenters to move people's packs to specific pages, highlight points of interest and even get people to cast votes live. This makes an impact on paper reduction targets.

It also supports meetings where not everyone can attend in person, by allowing them to join a live meeting and share ideas, ask questions and even vote from wherever they are in the world. This makes in impact on carbon emission targets.

Convene is currently engaged in an exciting alliance with the World Land Trust.

Place your sustainability stake in the ground, tell us how much paper you are saving, and we will plant a tree in a deforested area of the world. 

We are also delighted to announce the winner of our prize draw and will plant an acre of woodland in the name of: Neil George from the Hilton Food Group. Congratulations! You will receive your certificate from the Wood Land Trust shortly.



Gemma Walford

Written by Gemma Walford

Customer Success and Senior Product Consultant at Azeus Convene Europe

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