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Why Have A Document Library?

By Lucy Palmer on 04/11/21 11:09

A Document Library is a place to store files so your whole team can access them. The secure, accessible system will allow you to add, edit and delete files in an instant. During a meeting, this can include information and reference materials that make collaboration easier.

We’ve put together some key reasons you should have a Document Library.

  1.     Efficiency

Efficiency is one of the most important reasons to have a Document Library. Keeping all your documents in one place can save your administrative staff time and effort. The lengthy task of compiling Board packs is made simple when all the documents are readily available.

As Jonathan Jenkins, the CEO of London Air Ambulance, said: ‘Our Administrator has used the Document Library for adding and storing the documents that are needed by our new trustees. Historically, these would have been sent out on email.’

The system also makes it easier to implement last-minute changes. We all know the hassle of waiting for one last document to come in before you can start work. With a Document Library, you can access the content you need: whenever, wherever.

  1.     Accessibility

A comprehensive Document Library will simplify the process and make it easier for everyone to contribute their best work. Trawling through email attachments is not an accessible way to conduct business. A simple interface will make it easier for those with access requirements to view the content of the meeting.

But accessibility isn’t just about those with long-term access difficulties. It will support everyone on your Board. An accessible system means you can focus on the important talks at hand, rather than pausing discussion to search for a document you need.

Not all of your Board members will have the same experience with software. Technology is evolving faster than ever before and it is easy to get caught up by overwhelming features. This is unfair to your Board and will make your meetings worse.

With a Document Library, everyone can stay on the same page. Even your most technophobic Board members will be able to access the documents they need in a few clicks. By paying attention to the needs of everyone on the team, you can ensure communication flows naturally.

  1.     Security

It goes without saying that you want your Board meetings to be as secure as possible. When handling confidential documents, you should not be cutting corners.

Digital documents are already more secure than paper documents. A paper document is easy to read: anyone who enters the room can pick it up. On the other hand, digital files can be protected by the highest level of security.

A Document Library is one way of ensuring the best protection. The system is permission-based, so only those who have the correct authorisation can access the documents. For example, if the CFO is attending a meeting to advise on the budget, they do not need unrestricted access to your company’s legal documents.

A good Document Library should employ top-grade protection. This includes 256-bit encryption which is the highest standard of encryption.

  1.     Compliance

Of course, there is some overlap between compliance and security. However, there are additional reasons a Document Library is valuable when it comes to showing your compliance.

Under the GDPR, it is a legal requirement to maintain certain data processing standards for personal data. You need to prove that you have taken adequate steps to protect any data you handle.

By keeping all your documents in the same place, you can ensure there is no confusion in your admin trail. You can see who has accessed the documents and what (if any) actions they have taken.

This makes it simpler when you come to generate an audit trail. Your admin team will save time and resources by creating automated access reports.

What Other Advantages Does A Board Portal Have?

A Document Library is one of many features that comes with a Board Portal. Convene’s comprehensive Board management software is designed to improve your efficiency, accessibility, security and compliance at every stage of the process.

From drafting the meeting minutes to creating a secure audit trail, Convene can improve your administrative processes. Read more about our customer success stories or book a free trial today.

Lucy Palmer

Written by Lucy Palmer

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