At Convene, our mission is to bring people together so they can collaborate in a safe, simple, secure way. That’s why we’re so proud of how many membership organisations have chosen our software to support vital communication.

We’ve put together a few reasons our clients have chosen Convene:

Convene Enhances Administrative Efficiency

The arduous task of preparing for meetings can take up time and resources that would be better spent elsewhere. Convene streamlines the administrative process from start to finish.

Niall Callaghan, IT Manager at Special Olympics Ireland said: ‘There used to be a lot of ‘high-pressure moments’ before we started using Convene. The admin team used to either email or courier the board packs, and had to make sure that board members received the documents with plenty of time to review and prepare for the meeting.’

With Convene, administrators are able to compose the meeting pack with a simple drag-and-drop. The intuitive Agenda Builder means they no longer have to waste hours in preparation. Many of our clients cited tangible improvements in their internal processes.

In the words of Adrian Stockman from British Paralympic Association: ‘The days of needing to wade through a deluge of information prior to meetings are over thanks to Convene which now makes it possible for us to hold streamlined meetings. Board members have said that they are finding they have greater time and efficiency with Convene.’

Convene Meets High Security Standards

When it comes to security standards, it’s important for membership organisations to protect their data. Convene is designed to respond to evolving cybersecurity threats. With AES 256-bit encryption and CMMI Level 5 accreditation, organisations can rest assured their data is secure.

As Anthony Ansar, IT Manager at Community Trade Union said: ‘Convene’s security features also won us over. Information security is very important because we deal with members and their personal data, so we must be vigilant. Everybody has their own passwords, and as a system admin on Convene, I have fine-grained access control so I can block certain users whenever required.’

The fully GDPR-compliant system offers 24/7 protection and support. Aside from the high standard of encryption, organisations are able to employ granular access controls which make governance simple.

This was something Niall Callaghan at Special Olympics Ireland also picked up on: ‘It has also been so easy to manage the accounts on the system, so as and when people resign from positions and new members come onboard, it’s just a matter of creating a new account, assigning the email address, and sending the email.’

Convene’s Accessible System Is Easy-To-Use

Convene’s intuitive features make our software one of the most accessible solutions available. The interface is so easy-to-use that even the most technophobic committee members feel comfortable.

In the words of Alison Walker-Fraser at The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB): ‘The system is intuitive to use and the support that we’ve received from the account manager has been excellent. She provided initial training and also additional training when two new administrators joined.’

Even though issues are rare, our specialist advisors are ready to provide tailored advice at any time. We also have a range of features to support inclusive collaboration, including speech-to-text and transcription functions which ensure accessibility.

Convene Balances Cost and Functionality

As budgets grow tighter, membership organisations need to balance cost with functionality. Convene’s wide range of features allows them to streamline communication and get the most from their Board meetings.

Anthony Ansar at Community Trade Union talked to us about the savings they have made with Convene: ‘We were spending a lot of money printing out information to hold meetings with the multitude of companies we deal with. We compared Convene to Board Packs and another digital meeting solution and found that Convene was the most reasonably priced.’

Convene’s service is also adaptable to the needs of individual organisations, which means they can get exactly what they require. Anthony continued that: ‘Initially, Convene was meant for our 22 board members and in particular for their quarterly board meeting. However, since getting Convene demand has doubled. We initially audited 22 user packages, and now we’ve got 53 and it’s going to increase.’

How Can Convene Support Your Membership Organisation?

Convene is an award-winning Board Portal designed to digitise and streamline your meeting processes from start-to-finish. Our comprehensive features include:

  • A Document Library with role-based access to ensure your sensitive documents are protected.
  • A built-in Audit Trail, so you can be sure you are compliant with all regulations.
  • Integrated Video Conferencing, so you can make the switch from remote to hybrid working seamlessly, whilst still viewing your Board Pack all on one screen.
  • Surveys, with the option for anonymity, so you can be sure you are aware of your employees' opinions.
  • Accessibility Features, including text-to-voice, which makes us the leading accessible Board Portal.

The software now also comes as an integration with Microsoft Teams, which provides the benefits of both Teams collaboration and a Board Portal. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Convene can help your organisation achieve better governance, please do not hesitate to book a free demo today!

Lucy Palmer

Written by Lucy Palmer

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