On the 19th September 2023, Convene was an exhibitor at the NHS Governance ‘The Future’ Conference. We’d like to thank all those in attendance for making it such an informative discussion on the world of governance within the NHS.

The day started with a talk, followed by a Q&A, on policy outlook, focusing on regulation and governance. Miriam Deskin, Director of Policy and Strategy for NHS Providers, spoke about the political context of regulations, how a looming election increases pressure and the issues of regulating in a challenging environment

She discussed the rising scrutiny on care quality, and emphasised a focus going forward on quality and safety as crucial. She mentioned how Boards need to be more problem facing, and that there needs to be a reflection on the culture surrounding regulations.

Then, there was a talk and Q&A on Artificial Intelligence, the lack of regulation and bias in AI programming and what this means for the future. Stephanie Boyce, former President of the Law Society, spoke passionately about the potential issues between AI and EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion). She discussed how AI not only presents a problem for data security, but also for diversity for industries. 

The lack of diverse data in AI, means that a systemic bias is often developed into AI technology. When AI is being used within the health sector and beyond, or starting to be put into place, it is operating on an algorithm based on human input. This means that it takes on all the lived experiences and biases of that human input, which leads to the technology itself developing a bias.

Stephanie also talked about the lack of regulatory landscape for AI, and that many current laws were not written with AI in mind. She emphasised the importance of questioning the data used in AI, and the need for data to be used that represents everyone equally. She reiterated the importance of diversity in leadership positions, in order to challenge our preconceived perceptions and biases of what a leader looks like.

Caroline Jenkinson, Deputy Director of Secondary and Specialist Healthcare, CQC, gave a talk about the new CQC (Care Quality Commission) Inspection Framework. She spoke about the increasing focus to come on care and local care systems, as well as the CQC’s goals of tackling inequalities and driving improvement. She explored the new technologies, new policies, new ways of organising and new responsibilities the CQC is undertaking, and the changes to regulatory approaches that are going to occur.

Then, there were several break-out sessions that the delegates went to. These discussed the ICB Legal Delegation, System Governance, Risk Matrix and how to have traction with end users, and Provider Collaborative. 

The day ended with a final talk on the new framework for the Fit and Proper Person Test. Celia Weldon, NHSE, FPPT Advisor and Implementation Lead, spoke about the key principles, roles and responsibilities and implementation timeline of the new framework for the FPPT. She discussed the strengthened FPPT assessment, and the new additions to the framework.

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With Chesterfield Royal Hospital

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The conference explored the new regulations and frameworks on the horizon within the NHS, as well as the role that AI may play within the health sector and the concern that that brings.

We’d like to thank the Institute of Care Excellence for inviting Convene to this conference, and for all those who attended for your engagement with NHS Governance and its future.

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Lottie Wright

Written by Lottie Wright

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