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Best Practices for Managing Meeting Records in 2021

By Hisham Al-Ramah on 17-May-2021 14:11:35

Board portals are a great tool for facilitating meetings, and they also serve as repositories for documents, past meetings, and meeting minutes. Keeping records of past meetings is best practice for any organisation. But why would you keep records, what meetings should you keep a record of and how should these records be managed?

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5 Reasons You Need to Control Your Users and Meeting Space

By Lucy Palmer on 11-May-2021 12:22:10

Virtual board meetings can solve many of the problems your board encounters. With new technology, your team no longer has to be in the same room to have important discussions. You also have greater control over your meetings than ever before. Gone are the days when anyone could wander in and sit down. With a board portal, you can control exactly who is present and what information they have access to.

Topics: Security Governance Digital Transformation
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The Importance of Audit Trails

By Josh Cole-Hossain on 11-May-2021 11:03:36

Audit trails are vital in discovering and understanding what went wrong when a company or organisation suffers a security breach, data loss or misconduct. Having a detailed log of who accessed what and when, can make the search for what went wrong quick and easy. But, as this blog will discuss, there are more benefits to keeping audit trails than being prepared for when something goes wrong!

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Why Accessibility Is Important For Board Diversity

By Lucy Palmer on 11-May-2021 11:02:45

Now more than ever, diversity and accessibility are the key to productive board meetings. You want to get the most from your employees, and they want the most from you. Inclusive software is at the very centre of this relationship. A diverse board is a great starting-point for dynamic collaboration. To ensure the best outcome of this collaboration, meetings must also be accessible. When it comes to software, every board member should feel at home with a new system.

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3 Reasons your AGM will be virtual in 2021

By Veronica Cadena on 08-Jan-2021 10:06:02

Despite a Covid vaccine programme being rolled out in the UK, new strains and an increase in cases has led to another national lockdown, pushing back any return to normality even further. Given this, it’s a good idea to make plans for a virtual Annual General Meeting in 2021 for 3 key reasons:

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What next for ESG?

By Gemma Walford on 16-Nov-2020 09:05:22

At the recent ICSA ‘Governance Beyond the Pandemic’ conference, we were delighted to sponsor the fascinating breakout session, ‘ESG: A new dawn’ with Kate Larsen, Susan Hooper, Daniel Neale, Leon Kamhi and Andrew Wallis. The panel discussed how ESG plays a part in the success of businesses as they move beyond the pandemic and through what is looking like a prolonged recession.

Topics: Governance Sustainability

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