Leading technology company, Azeus, introduces their exciting new product: Convene in Teams. The state-of-the-art software allows directors and administrators to take full advantage of Convene’s board management features integrated with Microsoft Teams. This eliminates the hassle of switching between applications and allows MS Teams users to enhance their meetings.

In the wake of the pandemic, people are working from home more than ever before. MS Teams is a powerful tool to improve remote collaboration and productivity. However, the software is not built for board management. By using the integrated Convene app, secretaries and directors can compile meeting packs and engage with documents in a secure, efficient manner.

Speaking of the launch, Azeus founder and CEO Wan Lik Lee said:

“Convene and MS Teams are two powerful solutions by themselves. Convene is an award-winning board management software while MS Teams boasts over 115 million users globally. Combining the functionalities of these products will boost efficiency in meetings and empower boards to further collaboration.”

Convene in Teams embeds the web-based version of Convene within MS Teams. It is designed primarily for existing Microsoft users that are looking for more advanced capabilities. The solution has additional functionalities including:

  • Active Directory integration. AD users can use single sign-on (SSO) access to Convene. Guest access can also be granted.
  • Sharepoint integration. This can be used for all Meeting, Review Room, and Resolution files. Sharepoint’s encryption and access controls are carried over.
  • Live-editing of files. Changes to files are reflected automatically through a two-way sync. If the user has the necessary rights, they can update board books or minutes.
  • Exchange integration. Boards can manage schedules with features such as RSVP. Changes and responses to invites are reflected instantly on both platforms.
  • Teams AVC! Join Teams meetings and follow Convene meetings all from one app.

Feedback from the early adopters group of company secretaries has been very positive:

"Convene in Teams has allowed our board to really focus on governance and decision-making."

"Convene in Teams not only eliminates the hassle of maintaining and updating separate tools and workflows, it also has managed to streamline our meetings and processes even further since we can easily utilise Convene and Teams’ features in one space."

Azeus Convene is an award-winning board management software that is used by directors and executives in over 100 countries. The solution gives users complete control over the meeting process – from pre-meeting preparation to post-meeting document distribution.


Lucy Palmer

Written by Lucy Palmer

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