On the 22nd June 2023, Convene ESG exhibited at the Housing Governance Conference at the Royal College of Physicians, organised by the National Housing Federation. We want to thank all of the speakers and attendees for their engagement both online and in person, as well as the NHF for putting on a fantastic conference.

The conference is the sector’s only event specifically for Governance Teams and Company Secretaries to learn the latest legal, policy and regulatory updates and analyse their impacts.

The focus was on improving governance skills and performance, allowing delegates a space to reflect on how their organisation responds to crisis, and what skills and knowledge is needed to better prepare for the future.

The main goal of the conference was to establish what good governance looks like, at a time when the social housing sector is under enormous pressure. With governance teams finding themselves pulled in many different directions, Boards need to know they are meeting the requirements of the regulator, and of residents.

The topics that were discussed in the conference looked to emphasise the importance of flexibility and adaptation within the housing sector. There were several important talks throughout the day, including discussions on the use of data, resident voices, culture, Board succession, facilitating EDI conversations and more.

Arturo Dell, Associate Director at Convene, spoke specifically about navigating ESG in the governance world, its risks and how to tackle them. 

In Arturo's talk, he discussed the importance of providing accurate ESG data, and the key steps in reducing ESG risk and improving transparency. He emphasised the importance of managing your data effectively, embedding ESG into your organisation and making it easy to report on ESG regularly, with tools like Convene ESG.

Convene ESG allows you to develop your ESG story by streamlining the administrative process of ESG reporting giving you time to focus on bigger goals and future visions.

Through data collection, peer comparison, and report generation, you are able to monitor your progress, achieve your targets and exhibit your success - creating a company which values ESG and makes a positive difference to the world whilst ensuring you meet regulatory requirements, industry standards and shareholder expectations.

Our frameworks also include a collaboration with RITTERWALD’s Certified Sustainable Housing Label. We have mapped common metrics between several different standards and labels, such as RITTERWALD’s, so that Housing Associations can export various ESG reports at the touch of a button.

We have also recently published a Whitepaper that explores the role of governance professionals in preventing greenwashing, and how ESG reporting can help to solve greenwashing and improve governance.

Understanding specific ESG risks like greenwashing is crucial in developing good governance, and our Whitepaper entails exactly how your organisation can identify and address greenwashing with effective ESG reports.


You can learn more about how Convene ESG can help your organisation in meeting ESG requirements and achieving good governance here, and book a free demo today.

Thank you again to the NHF for allowing Convene ESG to sponsor the Housing Governance 2023, and thank you to all those in attendance for your engagement and discussion in how to prepare for better governance in the future.

Lottie Wright

Written by Lottie Wright

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