Granular access controls allow you to establish permissions for who can access data and what they can do with that data. By assigning user roles, meeting administrators can ensure no one has inappropriate access to important information.

When it comes to maintaining high levels of information security, granular access controls are essential.

Your meeting management software should allow the administrator to restrict access permissions to in-meeting documents, as well as any supporting documents stored in a Document Library.


Improve Data Security

The most important use for granular access controls is to ensure document security. Paper documents have never been secure as they can be picked up and read by anyone. A digital system allows you to protect your data with advanced cyber-security and high-level encryption.

However, this is no good if just anyone has permission to view your documents! You wouldn’t invest in the best home security and then hand out keys to everyone you know, so why would you do this with your organisation’s confidential data? No one in the company should have access to data they don’t need.

With granular access controls, user profiles can be created by the administrator with information on attendees’ names, email addresses and system roles. Additional fields for phone numbers and other details may also be added. Administrators can then easily view and manage permissions and user licences.

Maintain Legal Compliance

It is not just good practice to maintain data security, it is often the law. Good compliance processes are an essential part of running an organisation and granular access controls simplify this process.

If your company handles personal data, you must follow the regulation set out by the GDPR. This includes maintaining lawfulness, fairness and transparency, as well as accountability. No one should be using the data that does not have a clear purpose for doing so.

Save Preparation Time

Meeting preparation can be a complex and time-consuming task. Software should make this easier and not more complicated! With granular access controls, you can minimise the workload of your administrators, so they can focus on the important things.

One feature of granular access controls that will help save time is committees and groups. This means you can manage many individuals with a single click. Administrators can also alter permissions for the Document Library - saving time before, during and after the meeting.

Streamline Your Meetings

A formal meeting is designed to enhance communication and the flow of information through the organisation. This means that you don’t want unnecessary issues. An intuitive interface should allow your team to see the documents they need and nothing more, so they can focus on the important parts of their role.

Create a Comprehensive Audit Trail

Creating an audit trail is an essential step in administrative management. It not only allows you to document actions, but also see where improvements can be made in the meeting process. With granular access controls, you have a record of exactly who has accessed the data and when it has been accessed. This is an invaluable tool in compiling the perfect audit trail.

Software offers the opportunity to make every action traceable. Granular access controls are simply a way of taking advantage of this.

How Can Convene Improve Your Meeting Processes?

Convene is an award-winning Board Portal, designed to improve your meeting management at every stage of the process. We believe that the administrators should have full autonomy over user management. The software is now available as a Microsoft Teams integration which means you can switch seamlessly between the features offered by both.

With Convene, user profiles can be created by the administrator with names, email addresses and system roles through the administrative portal. Additional fields for phone numbers and other details may also be added.

Once created, Convene allows administrators to easily view and manage permissions and licences allocated to users using the Convene web portal. Convene allows user accounts to be disabled and reassigned, giving greater flexibility. This licence is available for immediate re-use.

Committees and groups can be defined in order to manage many individuals with a single click, saving you precious time. Users can be added or removed from a committee either through the groups tab or through the individual user account. This means that an administrator can add a user to the accounts menu and then add that user to the appropriate committees through a single interface.

Administrators can choose to allow access at the level of entire meetings or folders; or they can choose to restrict levels of access to individual agenda topics or files. On top of permissions control for meetings, Convene supports permissions control for documents in the built-in Document Library.

If you’d like to learn more about how Convene can support your organisation, contact us today to book a free trial.

Lucy Palmer

Written by Lucy Palmer

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