No matter how great your company is, it’s worth nothing if you can’t communicate this to potential customers. From KFC to KPMG, every successful organisation needs a successful marketing strategy.

The CMO, or Chief Marketing Officer, is the executive in charge of marketing. They must come up with ideas to shape and communicate the brand of the product or service.

As part of the C-Suite, the CMO is one of the most important executives in the organisation. The role is different from other similar roles like Head of Marketing, as it is a more senior position with a greater range of duties. Read on to find out more about the responsibilities of the CMO.

What Are The Responsibilities of the CMO?

The main responsibility of the CMO is developing a marketing strategy for the organisation. This involves working out the unique approach of the organisation and what makes them stand out. In turn, they will promote the growth of the company and support their journey to gain recognition.

This unique approach doesn’t always have to be the product itself, but their vision for the company as a whole. Sometimes a product will be completely new, but more often than not, they will build on an existing niche within their industry. It is the job of the CMO to work out what makes them different from competitors.

The role of the CMO has evolved in recent years. Of course, part of this is the changing role of Social Media. But the role of the CMO has also become more focused on gaining insight into customer trends through data.

In contrast to a regular Head of Marketing, the CMO is more focused on developing the strategy of the organisation. They will report directly to the CEO or COO and work with the rest of the C-Suite to create a comprehensive approach that matches the aims of the organisation.

What Makes a Good CMO?

It’s absolutely essential for a good CMO to understand the past, present, and future of marketing. They should be able to take their experience in the field and apply it to the current brand they are working with.

Alongside this, the CMO must function as a top executive. This means working in harmony with the rest of the C-Suite to develop the organisation’s approach to business. The more experience a CMO has in different aspects of business, the more they will be able to provide for the company.

As a result, the CFO must also be able to communicate their ideas. They must ensure their marketing strategy matches the expectations of the Board and fits with the efforts of other members of the team.

The best marketing strategies get to the heart of what makes the organisation so great. That way, customers can see the advantages for themselves, without feeling overwhelmed.

How Can Convene Support Your Marketing Strategy?

Communication is at the centre of all great marketing. A Board portal like Convene can improve communication throughout your organisation, making it easier to connect with customers. Whatever industry you work in, our all-in-one meeting management software is designed to help managers deliver effective strategies.

From creating an agenda to establishing a strong admin trail, every step of the process should be as smooth as possible. With the right software, the complex task of management can be much easier! Our comprehensive features include:

Our software now also comes as an integration with Microsoft Teams, which provides the benefits of both Teams and a Board Portal. Your whole team can take advantage of the advanced features to connect and create a cohesive marketing strategy.

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Lucy Palmer

Written by Lucy Palmer

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