Now more than ever, diversity and accessibility are the key to productive board meetings. You want to get the most from your employees, and they want the most from you. Inclusive software is at the very centre of this relationship. A diverse board is a great starting-point for dynamic collaboration. To ensure the best outcome of this collaboration, meetings must also be accessible. When it comes to software, every board member should feel at home with a new system.

Let’s break down some key ways that accessible software can help your team:

Empowers your employees
Accessible software places everyone on the same footing. Every single one of your employees will feel empowered to contribute in meetings, as they will be confident with the material and content. When everyone is inspired, the true diversity of your board can shine, and the best ideas can rise to the top.

Encourages collaborative thinking
Your board members should feel like they are part of one seamless unit, not competing factions. An accessible system can create a more dynamic environment where ideas flow readily. With a positive working culture, your employees will contribute their best work and leave the meeting excited to return. Every team should be more than the sum of its parts!

Saves Time and Energy
No one wants to spend hours going over the same points. Inaccessible software weighs down your board and wastes precious meeting time. Your employees are busy, and don’t have time to struggle with technical issues.

New software should be simple and effective, without distracting ‘extras’ that only make work more difficult. Technology should make life easier, not harder! Anything you invest in should have accessibility built into its core, not tacked on at the end. With an efficient system and clear functionality, you can spend time on the important things.

Accessibility Helps Everyone
Inclusive software is not just for people facing long-term access difficulties, it can help everyone on your board. There are all sorts of reasons that someone might not get the most from a meeting. Small misunderstandings easily get in the way of communication.

Think about it: have you ever been in a meeting and lost track of where you are on the page? Accessible software can help with this, and many other problems your team might face. Features like voice-to-text, transcripts and intuitive design will support everyone in your business, not just those who need it most.

Transforms the Core of your company
Board management software is at the centre of your business, and so it should reflect your company values. Accessible software should be so intuitive that it blends into the background of day-to-day collaboration.

Not everyone is as confident with technology, but everyone should be able to make the most of their meetings. Investing in accessibility can transform the running of your meetings and the mindset of your team.

These are just a few of the ways an accessible system is important for diversity. If you would like to find out more about how an easy-to-use board portal can help you and your board, contact us here. If you currently have a board portal that isn’t quite meeting your needs, read our blog on switching to Convene.

Lucy Palmer

Written by Lucy Palmer

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