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Convene ESG host Social Housing networking evening

By Josh Cole-Hossain on 24/07/23 17:26

On June 15th, the Convene ESG team hosted a networking evening at House of St Barnabas in London attended by governance and sustainability professionals in the social housing sector as well various guests invited by Convene ESG to give their insights into how ESG reporting is evolving in the housing sector.

Topics: ESG SRS for Social Housing Housing
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The Importance of Audit Trails

By Josh Cole-Hossain on 11/05/21 11:03

Audit trails are vital in discovering and understanding what went wrong when a company or organisation suffers a security breach, data loss or misconduct. Having a detailed log of who accessed what and when, can make the search for what went wrong quick and easy. But, as this blog will discuss, there are more benefits to keeping audit trails than being prepared for when something goes wrong!

Topics: Security Governance Board Portal Features
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Saving Acres

By Josh Cole-Hossain on 16/12/20 11:57

Whilst this turbulent year has been costly, to many people, businesses and organisations, its has also allowed them to take a step back and realise what is most important to them and society - that more needs to be done to protect our world and its natural environments. 

Topics: Sustainability Seasonal

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