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What are the 7 Principles of the GDPR?

By Lucy Palmer on 23-Aug-2021 16:28:43

The UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the main law in the UK when it comes to data protection. It was put into place in 2018 and is the UK’s version of the EU law of a similar name. The law makes some important changes from the previous Data Protection Act in how we consider consent and accountability.

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What Happens if an Employee Breaches the GDPR?

By Lucy Palmer on 23-Aug-2021 16:27:29

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a law that came into action in the UK in 2018. It’s based on an EU law of a similar name and is the main piece of legislation when it comes to data protection. The law has seven key principles for data collection that are underlined by lawfulness, fairness and transparency.

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5 Reasons You Need to Control Your Users and Meeting Space

By Lucy Palmer on 11-May-2021 12:22:10

Virtual Board meetings can solve many of the problems your Board encounters. With new technology, your team members no longer have to be in the same room to have important discussions.

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The Importance of Audit Trails

By Josh Cole-Hossain on 11-May-2021 11:03:36

Audit trails are vital in discovering and understanding what went wrong when a company or organisation suffers a security breach, data loss or misconduct. Having a detailed log of who accessed what and when, can make the search for what went wrong quick and easy. But, as this blog will discuss, there are more benefits to keeping audit trails than being prepared for when something goes wrong!

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Board Portal Login - 4 extra ways to make sure it stays secure!

By Dheng Siah on 18-Jan-2021 09:52:34

You might have found this page when searching for a login for your board portal. Have you ever thought about how easy it is for others to find the same page that you were looking for and how you can make sure they don’t get any further? The login page is the front door to your commercially sensitive documents so let’s look at ways of making sure it stays shut to unauthorised visitors.

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7 benefits of using a Board Portal

By Solomon Rackham on 24-Sep-2020 09:00:00

As we move towards the next quarter, your organisation may be considering ways it can reduce some key costs as you take stock and plan how you are going to navigate these challenging economic times.

So, make sure you are not spending too much on your board portal solution. As highlighted in a recent blog, Convene offers all the functionality your organisation needs from a board portal, at a fraction of the cost of other providers.

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