On the 15th and 16th of March, Convene attended the Housing Finance Conference and Exhibition 2023 in Liverpool. We want to thank the NHF, as well as all speakers and attendees for putting on and participating in an engaging and insightful conference. If you missed our talk, please join us at our Inside Housing Webinar next week.

The Housing Finance Conference focused on ‘building resilience through turbulent times’, and featured many interesting talks on topics surrounding the cost of living, sustainability and green finance, cybersecurity and the future of the housing sector.

The first day saw a series of compelling talks on the present and future of the sector, and what the current state of the economy and the cost of living crisis means for housing associations. 

There was a focus on what is to come in the next few years and how to deal with the uncertainty and adversity ahead, as well as how to make the housing sector more sustainable and secure for the future. 

Convene’s Associate Consultant Arturo Dell spoke about how to maximise the value of your SRS report and ESG, which is a fast-growing area for the sector that has continually changing standards

Dell discussed how ESG makes associations have to think about the long-term, both in their goals and their impact, and that’s why it is so important to understand and report on.

He talked about what we have learnt since launching Convene ESG, about how ESG has magnified existing data challenges and data integrity and how Convene ESG aims to alleviate this. 

With Convene ESG, the aim is to reduce the challenges of ESG data gathering, performance tracking, and reporting for ESG factors so organisations can move towards net zero. 

The second day saw a series of engaging speakers discuss further the impacts of the cost of living crisis on housing associations, and what can be done to secure a stable future for tenants and landlords alike. 

There was also further emphasis placed on the importance of sustainability, and how to make sure your organisation’s sustainability is actually sustainable. Moreover, there was significance placed on the new political landscape emerging and how housing associations should position and prepare themselves for the unknown future.

Here at Convene, we want to make sure you have software you can rely on, even in uncertain times. 

As the leading Board Portal Provider for the Housing sector, the future of the industry is extremely important to us. We want to help pioneer flexible, sustainable and accessible communication for your housing association.

Convene is an all-in-one Board Portal designed to streamline meetings, and it is now fully integrated with Microsoft Teams, so you can have your workflow all in one place.

We also feature Convene ESG, our own ESG reporting tool, to help your organisation get one step closer to Board excellence.

To find out more about how Convene can help your organisation, read our success stories from your peers here, or book a demo today.

Lottie Wright

Written by Lottie Wright

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