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5 Reasons A Board Portal Is The New Essential Tool For Schools

By Hisham Al-Ramah on 30/08/23 11:28

School Governance is no easy feat, and planning a lesson agenda is a very different task from planning a meeting agenda! Your time is limited enough, but here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider buying a Board Portal for your Senior Leadership Team in 2023/24. 

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Why Listed Companies Choose Convene

By Lottie Wright on 17/07/23 14:52

For many listed companies, investing in technology and software that promises security, reliability and streamlined communication is crucial in ensuring good governance and transparency with the public.

Listed companies are public companies, which means they must issue shares of its stock through an exchange, and adhere to the exchanges standards of corporate governance.

At Convene, our Board portal is designed to aid in achieving these good governance practices, and enables any publicly listed organisation to ensure their organisation has secure and seamless communication.

Here’s why listed companies choose Convene.

Streamlines Business Meetings

Listed companies do not always have time to waste on admin tasks that can be simplified by software. Convene is designed to improve your meeting process from start to finish and create more dynamic meetings.

The complex issues handled by companies during Board meetings mean that directors don’t need the added complication of confusing software. 

The advantages of Convene’s software were noted by Chris Spanias, Solution Architect at Tesco Bank. In his words: ‘Convene has saved our admins time and increased efficiency when it comes to organising meetings.’

From the intuitive Agenda Builder to our auto-generated meeting minutes feature, Convene can simplify meeting administration. This means your team can reduce the time they spend on repetitive tasks and focus their attention on the important aspects of your meetings.

Convene is designed to streamline communication in your business meetings, increasing efficiency in meetings and ensuring collaboration is as easy as possible, especially when remote. 

In an age increasingly regulated by remote interactions, it is essential your software is purpose-built for corporate governance.

As Afonso Cardoso de Menezes, Company Secretary of Bison Bank observed: ‘Convene facilitates and encourages vital international collaboration which is critical for success.’

Afonso crucially noted that: ‘Information is now accessible to Board members internationally in an instant.’ Fluent communication is at the heart of running a company, and our software streamlines this exchange.

Security And Data Protection

On top of all of this, Convene’s state-of-the-art security is designed to respond to evolving cybersecurity threats. With Convene, listed companies can get the best protection for their confidential data.

In the words of Chris Spanias, ‘Convene has the necessary security compliance standards and that was a prerequisite for us’. 

With AES 256-bit encryption and CMMI Level 5 accreditation, publicly listed companies can feel confident their data is protected by Convene. The fully GDPR-compliant system offers 24/7 protection and support for all your security needs.

At Convene, we understand how important it is for companies to trust the software they use. Convene’s data protection makes a quantifiable improvement to Board meeting security.

Balances Cost And Functionality

With so many useful features, you might expect our Board portal to mean budgetary sacrifices. In fact, Convene provides a premium service for a reasonable price, and doesn’t sacrifice functionality in the process.

The features are also more than worth it in the long term. As Chris Spanias noted: ‘Once they switched over to Convene, our Board stopped using paper. [Our] study found that we save so much money on printing and paper alone that Convene has almost paid for itself every year’.

Ease Of Use And Reliability 

Convene’s intuitive features make the software one of the most accessible solutions available. The interface is so easy-to-use that even the most technophobic Board members feel comfortable. 

In the words of Christina Giannopoulou, the user-friendly nature of Convene was one of the main draws for Piraeus Bank. She told us that: ‘It was important for our members to be able to access information easily and to share important documents during meetings. We really liked the user interface of the Convene application, and we found it very user-friendly.’

At Convene, we are dedicated to providing easy-to-use and reliable Board portal software, so your company can upgrade your meetings without worrying about accessibility for your Board members. Convene offers unlimited training, so even those who are less 'tech-savvy' are supported during implementation. 

Enhance Your Governance With Convene: Smart, Simple, Secure

Convene is an award-winning Board Portal designed to digitise and streamline your meeting processes from start-to-finish. 

Now available fully integrated with Microsoft Teams, our comprehensive software has numerous features to support your listed company and its public operations:

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Convene Sponsors The ESG Summit 2023

By Lottie Wright on 28/04/23 15:05

On Thursday 27th April 2023, Convene sponsored Chartered Governance Institute’s annual ESG Summit in London. We want to thank the CGI as well as all speakers and attendees for participating in such an engaging Summit.

The ESG Summit focused on exploring the changing Environmental, Social and Governance landscape for Boards, and answering questions about how organisations can contend with developing regulations, both in the UK and globally.

There was a specific emphasis on how “the ‘G’ in ESG underpins and facilitates the ‘E’ and the ‘S’”, and how governance professionals are key in ensuring their organisations meet ESG standards. 

There were several compelling presentations, panels and case studies at the Summit, including talks about how governance is at the heart of establishing good ESG practices, how to tackle greenwashing accusations from a governance perspective and how to nurture a diverse Board and make sure inclusion policies are embedded throughout your organisation.

The Summit also facilitated many discussions about ESG reporting, from how organisations are responding to ESG disclosure requirements to how you can improve the quality of the ESG data collected.

This is where Convene ESG came in as a sponsor of the event.

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How Does An ESG Software Save You Money?

By Gabriella Mangham on 22/03/23 17:31

Forbes estimates that organisations can save up to $4 million annually through automating simple processes with software. It has also been proven time and time again that investing in ESG saves you money. But why is this, and how can you apply this to your ESG reporting?

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Housing Finance 2023: What We Learnt

By Lottie Wright on 16/03/23 19:07

On the 15th and 16th of March, Convene attended the Housing Finance Conference and Exhibition 2023 in Liverpool. We want to thank the NHF, as well as all speakers and attendees for putting on and participating in an engaging and insightful conference. If you missed our talk, please join us at our Inside Housing Webinar next week.

The Housing Finance Conference focused on ‘building resilience through turbulent times’, and featured many interesting talks on topics surrounding the cost of living, sustainability and green finance, cybersecurity and the future of the housing sector.

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Why Use A Board Portal?

By Lottie Wright on 20/02/23 11:00

Businesses are transitioning away from manual, paper-based procedures and towards digital solutions for their Board processes. This shift has demonstrated many benefits, such as improved communication, streamlined operations, cost savings, and heightened security.

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Why Choose Convene?

By Lottie Wright on 06/02/23 14:27

Convene is a pioneer in the Board Portal software market. We are constantly adapting to the shifts and changes in the market, and ensuring customer satisfaction.  

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Convene's 2022

By Gabriella Mangham on 19/12/22 15:37

2022 has been yet another exciting and successful year here at Convene. At the beginning of the year we were named Best Board Portal by Digital Quadrant Awards!

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Why Retail Companies Choose Convene

By Lucy Palmer on 15/11/22 10:55

Retail companies are an essential part of our everyday lives, and so they must be prepared to handle a constantly shifting economy. Here at Convene, we recognise the importance of the retail sector in serving customers around the world. That’s why we’re so proud of how many retailers have chosen to adopt our software.

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Who Are The Primary Users Of A Board Portal?

By Gabriella Mangham on 31/01/22 17:34

Who Are The Primary Users Of A Board Portal?

There are three stages to every meeting process: planning, execution and resolutions. As such, there are also three main users of Convene’s Board management software: those who plan, those who meet, and those who do. 

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Azeus Convene Named Best Board Portal In 2021 Digital Quadrant Awards

By Lucy Palmer on 15/10/21 18:22

Azeus Convene, a leading Board Portal solution, was recognised as the #1 Board Management Software in the 2021 Data Quadrant Awards. Convene scored highly in all categories and achieved the highest composite satisfaction score. The award reflects Convene’s unwavering commitment to smart, simple, secure governance.

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7 benefits of using a Board Portal

By Gabriella Mangham on 24/09/20 09:00

The first stage in any due diligence process is reviewing alternative options to the status quo. You may be wondering how you can save money and still keep the same level of functionality in your current meeting software or processes. This is where Convene can help you out. 

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