Convene is trusted by financial institutions around the world who rely on our software to protect their data. Financial organisations play a crucial role in the global economy and cannot afford to take risks with their data.

Though there are numerous advantages to Convene, security stands out as one of the most crucial. Our state-of-the-art system is designed to guarantee the highest level of compliance and data protection.

Here are a few of the reasons our clients benefit from our security system.

  1.   Maintain Legal Compliance

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, it is the law for financial institutions to have an adequate level of security. According to the GDPR, organisations must ensure they process data with integrity and confidentiality. Financial institutions must also take into account regional and international legislation regarding their fiduciary duty.

Not all cybersecurity is equal. The highest level of encryption is AES 256-bit standard so you should look out for this when using any software. Also check for validation such as ISO 27001 for the software and CMMI-Level 5 accreditation for the company.

  1.   Ensure Full System Ownership

Convene’s advanced permission settings allow you to control who has access to what information during the meeting. Convene provides full ownership to users which allows them to minimise data risk. Assign roles to limit who can view, download, forward, export and print specific meeting agenda items or documents with granular access controls.

As Kye Pearson at London Metal Exchange observed, this level of organisational control is one of the main advantages of Convene over other systems. Kye praised the fact that ‘We have the ability to control people’s permissions, so by default nobody is able to download anything unless they are an administrator within the Company Secretarial Team.’

  1.   Improve Admin Processes

Convene is designed to help Boards ensure appropriate security. Our software supports institutions as they move towards more secure processes and become more secure by design.

From the moment your admins begin to compose the agenda, they can be sure documents are protected. Working on a consistent, reliable system means financial institutions can do their due diligence and protect their stakeholder interests. 

With features such as multi-factor authentication and granular access controls, data security will become a part of the company culture.

  1.   Create a Secure Audit Trail

When you move to a secure solution like Convene, everything is documented. The automated voting information and attendance registers make audit trails simple. Tracking the actions of users, particularly concerning sensitive information, means they cannot misuse this data.

As Christina Giannopoulou at Piraeus Bank noted: ‘Documents can be stored securely in the Document Library within specific folders according to date and document description.’ This means threats can be tackled before they even materialise.

  1.   Ensure Long-Term Data Protection

Even in the most secure systems, data breaches are a possibility. It is crucial any security system includes appropriate contingency measures.

In the words of Rob Butterworth at Amadeus: Information security is paramount for us at Amadeus. We use iPads during meetings, and these can be wiped immediately after meetings, so sensitive data can be securely contained. This was always a risk with printed information in paper-based meetings. The move to Convene has heightened security.’

Monitored 24/7, Convene’s detection mechanism alerts the Support Team to any incidents that are then forwarded to the System Team for immediate resolution. Users can also report any incidents via chat, email or phone.

Convene is an award-winning Board Portal, designed to digitise and streamline your meeting processes from start-to-finish. Our certified security will ensure your confidential data is protected at every stage of the meeting process.

This includes but is not limited to:

  •         AES 256-bit encryption and secure storage
  •         Granular access controls and role-based permissions
  •         Document security and digital rights management
  •         Device security
  •         Secure user authentication
  •         Security governance
  •         24/7 intrusion detection and prevention

If you’d like to learn more about how Convene’s wide range of features can help your organisation achieve better governance, do not hesitate to book a demo today!

Lucy Palmer

Written by Lucy Palmer

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