Imagine this: you’ve spent months preparing for an important meeting. A few days before, you learn your collaboration software has failed, and you can’t access your agenda. You try to contact the provider, but they don’t respond, and you’re at your wits’ end trying to find a solution.

Sadly, this is often the reality when you pick a software provider you can’t trust. Whichever sector you work in, reliability is crucial to successful project delivery. We’ve put together some helpful tips to support you in your search for a software provider that will not let you down.

Look At Their History

There’s no way to test the reliability of a company if they were only established yesterday. On the other hand, a provider with many years’ experience has had the opportunity to prove their credentials.

While existing for a long time does show a company’s ability to adapt over time, it isn’t necessarily enough on its own. You also need to ensure they are making the most of these positive experiences. How have they adapted over time and responded to challenges? If they have a successful track record of delivering various projects, you should have reason to feel confident.

This is something we know a lot about at Convene! With over 30 years’ experience in providing software, we know a thing or two about consistency. We have clients in over 100 countries and a stable history of responding to changes in the market.

Check Their Technical Standards

Compliance regulations exist for a reason! Though you can’t tell everything about a potential partner by their ability to meet external metrics, it’s a crucial starting point! If a software vendor doesn’t have the right security and compliance regulations in place, you should not risk your organisation’s duties.

The highest level of encryption is AES 256-bit standard, so you should look out for this when using any digital product. Also check for validation such as ISO 27001 for the software and CMMI level 5 accreditation for the company.

Listen To Their Existing Customers

Customer testimonies are one of the best ways to see how an organisation actually functions. After checking they have appropriate technical standards, you should check whether they have any customer reviews that reflect the standard of their work.  

At Convene, we are proud of our customer testimonies, as they show how many company stories we have played a part in. Reliability comes up again and again as one of the reasons organisations appreciate our service.

In the words of Lisa Wrigglesworth of Mills and Reeve LLP: ‘The key reason for choosing a Board Portal system was reliability, and the reliability of Convene was what resulted in our decision to implement.’

Ensure They Are The Right Fit For Your Organisation

Every organisation is different, and any software provider you work with should be aware of this. Flexibility and scalability are crucial in ensuring you get the most from the service you invest in.  

Communication skills are at the centre of this relationship. An organisation that listens to your needs and adapts their service will be far more reliable in the long term, as you can ensure everyone is on the same page.

With so many years of experience in international collaboration, we understand how important it is for your software to match your needs.

How Can Convene Improve Your Meeting Governance?

Convene is an award-winning Board Portal, designed to digitise and streamline your meeting processes from start-to-finish. The aim of our development team is to improve your organisation’s collaboration and alleviate the challenges of meeting administration.

Now available fully integrated Microsoft Teams, our comprehensive software product has numerous features to ensure fluent communication:

  • A Document Library with role-based access to ensure your sensitive documents are protected.
  • A built-in Audit Trail, so you can be sure you are compliant with all regulations.
  • Integrated Video Conferencing, so you can make the switch from remote to hybrid working seamlessly, whilst still viewing your Board Pack all on one screen.
  • Surveys, with the option for anonymity, so you can be sure you are aware of your employees' opinions.
  • Accessibility Features, including text-to-voice, which makes us the leading accessible Board Portal.
  • Fully GDPR-compliant security including AES 256-bit encryption and ISO 27001 accreditation.

To find out more about how Convene’s Board Portal or ESG reporting software can support your sustainable development, contact us today to book a free trial.


Lucy Palmer

Written by Lucy Palmer

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