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Why A Review Room Is Important

By Lucy Palmer on 31/01/22 17:30

A Review Room is a feature for the end of a meeting to ensure you gain the most from the collaboration process. The secure system allows you to review the meeting minutes and check there are no mistakes. This is important from a compliance point of view, but it can also help your meeting process in other ways. Read on to find out more:


Improve Your Meetings

We all know the importance of meeting minutes. They are the part of the meeting process that allows you to take what you have learned and move forward confidently. With a Review Room, you can make sure you are getting the most from your minutes. This will be a benefit when you come to meet again.

Sometimes, mistakes in the minutes can be small spelling and grammar issues that impact your professionalism. Other times, the formatting can get in the way of comprehension. By using a reliable review room, you can save time later. In six months, will you remember what you were trying to achieve?


Enhance Accessibility

Accessibility is more attainable than ever in the digital age. Remote working allows your team to come together from around the world and do their best work. However, you still need to take additional measures to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

A Review Room is designed to make sure the meeting minutes are clear to everyone. They should not just be comprehensible to your administrators, but the whole team. This will allow better collaboration. A Review Room can verify that the meeting minutes work for everyone.


Assign Action Items

While you can assign action items in the meeting itself, a Review Room gives you an additional opportunity to do this. After all, meeting minutes are about summarising your meeting. They should leave everyone clear on how to move forward.

With a comprehensive system like Convene, you can assign actions that are taken forward to the next agenda. This takes a simple click and is much safer than expecting everyone to remember every word that has been said in the meeting.


Improve Your Company Culture

Having a meeting process that works for everyone will improve your company culture. You want your employees to feel like they are doing their best work. By making the most of a Review Room, you can check that everyone is prepared and excited for the next meeting.

Remember, the link between employee satisfaction and productivity is well-documented. Even if few changes are made to the minutes, asking for feedback can create a more collaborative environment.


Create an Effective Audit Trail

Perhaps the most important reason to have a Review Room is to ensure compliance. A comprehensive audit trail is absolutely essential to maintaining good governance. Meeting minutes are one step in this process, but they are useless if they are seen as an afterthought. Give them the attention they require by ensuring there are no avoidable mistakes.


Why Use Convene’s Review Room?

With Convene, meeting minutes can be added to the Review Room before they are added to the final meeting pack. This gives you the opportunity to review them using in-app annotation tools, before accepting or rejecting them. The message will then be sent directly to the meeting organiser. Additionally, you can track and reassign action points within the app.

Alongside improving your meeting minutes, Convene’s comprehensive meeting management features are designed to enhance your administration at every stage of the meeting process. From the agenda to the audit, you can make sure your team is all on the same page.

If you’d like to learn more about how Convene can help your business, please read our customer success stories or book a free trial today!

Lucy Palmer

Written by Lucy Palmer

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