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Convene At The 2022 AUA Conference and Exhibition

By Lucy Palmer on 11/07/22 10:20

On Thursday 7th July, we headed up to Manchester for the AUA 2022 Annual Conference and Exhibition. This was another packed two days, where we had the opportunity to connect with Higher Education professionals from around the country.  

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How Can Universities Benefit From Hybrid Working?

By Gabriella Mangham on 17/06/22 16:25

The pandemic meant all non-essential sectors, such as universities, had to dramatically shift to remote working, which came with challenges but also benefits. Many have discovered that they are more productive working from home, they are also more well rested and especially in the warmer months, working from home is actually better for the environment! Now, having overcome the initial issues with remote working, we are all looking for a way to incorporate the good into our post-lockdown normal. This is easily possible with hybrid working

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Why Are You Not Getting Reliable Information For Governing Decisions?

By Gabriella Mangham on 15/06/22 14:56

The governing decisions of a university have widespread ramifications that impact not only the lives of your staff and teachers, but also your students, and even their families or future employers. That is a lot of weight on your shoulders, but many university boards and committees find that when any information reaches them it is already outdated. This means you have to make decisions based on facts that are a few days old, which can be ineffective. Change happens quickly, and seeing the most reliable documentation ensures that you can select the right course of action.

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