On the 5th and 6th July, Convene sponsored the CGI Governance Conference 2023. We’d like to thank the Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland for putting on an insightful conference, and all those who attended for making it such a memorable event.

The conference gives attendees a chance to enhance their knowledge and insight into the world of leading governance professionals, through a series of speeches, talks, panel discussions and interactive workshops from a varied range of perspectives. 

In recent years, the world has been increasingly unstable and the future far more uncertain, and so this year’s conference explored topical discussions about what the future of the working world might look like, the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion at all levels and the “crucial role that governance professionals play within these areas”.

On the first day of the conference, panel discussions revolved around proposed Government & FRC changes and how this will affect organisations, and the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion and how to maintain these ideals throughout an organisation.


During the breakout sessions, there were talks about Boardroom effectiveness and how to facilitate effective decision-making, as well as discussions surrounding the value of the codes of governance and cyber resilience. There was also a dialogue about the potential of AI to help create Board packs, as well as a focus on how to supervise Board strategy in the face of uncertainty in the industry. 

On the second day of the conference, there was a keynote address surrounding integrity and the power dynamics present both inside and outside organisations. There was also a talk on the ‘4 Ps’, people, planet, profit and purpose, that brands need to understand and focus on in order to build a sustainable future.

There was a panel exploring the changing landscape of sustainability reporting requirements, and how to know which framework to use and to build a report. This is an especially important topic right now, with mandatory ESG regulations on the horizon, and luckily Convene is here to help.

Our new ESG data management reporting tool, Convene ESG, is designed to help you reduce the challenges of ESG data gathering, performance tracking and reporting so your organisation can move towards net zero.

Our end-to-end approach simplifies and automates much of the process, and will help your organisation not only generate a report, but be able set up and track your ESG goals.

You can learn more about how Convene ESG can help your organisation in meeting ESG requirements here and book a free demo today.

The breakout sessions on the second day included panels about building your governance career and the importance of governance professionals, as well as workshops on how materiality should underpin approaches to ESG.

There were further discussions on the future of technology and AI and what impact it can have on jobs and on governance, as well as conversations about if the virtual format is inevitable for Board meetings and AGMs, and what has been learnt from the increase in virtual working in recent years.

There was a continued emphasis on developing good governance strategies to deal with a fractured world, and the need for change and development to combat this fracturing.

Throughout the conference there was a running theme of what needs to be done in governance to ensure that we are prepared for the uncertain future ahead, and what to do in the face of this instability

Here at Convene we are dedicated to providing Board management software that ensures good governance, and gives your organisation a stable platform to rely on in these unstable times.


How Can Convene Help Your Governance?

Now with many organisations choosing to remain remote or online, it is even more crucial that the quality of your Board meetings equals those of in-person meetings.

Convene’s Award Winning Board portal software allows your Board to communicate effectively and run meetings with ease, maintaining a secure and stable working environment.

Convene now comes fully integrated with Microsoft Teams, ensuring that the meeting process is even more seamless for your organisation.

To discover how you can benefit from Convene, find out more about our software here, or book a free demo today.

Thank you again to the Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland for putting on such an informative conference, and thank you to all those attended for your engagement in these important governance discussions.

Lottie Wright

Written by Lottie Wright

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